NEW YORK - An extensive search of a cargo ship seized at a New Jersey port ended late on Wednesday with no sign of the stowaway passengers it was suspected of carrying after making stops in India and Egypt to pick up freight, US authorities said.The vessel was impounded after customs agents reported hearing sounds made by people coming from inside a container beneath a stack of several others in the ship's cargo hold, they said. But the US Coast Guard indicated in a brief statement Wednesday night that no unauthorized passengers were detected."After a lengthy and exhaustive inspection by the Department of Homeland Security Officials, the search for stowaways aboard the Ville D'Aquarius has concluded with no stowaways found," a Homeland Security spokesman said. "Officers from US Customs and Border Protection with assistance from ICE -Homeland Security Investigations, the US Coast Guard and the Port Authority of NY/NJ, utilized X-Ray machines, K-9 units and officers on the ground to search over 163 containers." "The search has been concluded," Coast Guard spokesman Charles Rowe said. "Nothing of significance was found. Port and ship have returned to normal operations."One American newspaper - The New York Post - even reported on its web site that the suspected stowaway passengers were Pakistanis, but later withdrew the story.Officials could not be reached early on Thursday for more details. The search began early Wednesday morning.According to the ship's manifest, the suspicious container had been loaded onto the vessel on June 7 in India and was carrying machine parts bound ultimately for Norfolk, Virginia.Rowe said authorities determined the storage crate in question could not be opened in the hold, and instead began methodically unloading the ship's cargo in order to reach it.