ISLAMABAD – World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with provincial health departments launched a Rabies Control Program in the country.

According to WHO, the program was launched in an effort to strengthen national and provincial programs for dog-bite and rabies control.

The main features of this program are inter-sectoral collaboration between health departments, veterinary departments, local governments and municipal authorities to control dog population especially stray dogs as they are the main source of bites.

The second area in which WHO in collaboration with these departments will be training of health care providers on management of dog bites which include trainings and provision of vaccines.

It is pertinent to mention here that WHO has secured funds worth US$ 50,000 for these interventions.

The management and treatment of severe dog bite require a vaccine called Rabies Immunoglobulins, which is very expensive and not available in Pakistan.

The vaccine will arrive in the first week of July and will be distributed to all dog bite treatment centers all over the country where people would be treated free of cost.