The Young Doctors Association (YDA) continued their strike on 12th consecutive Friday in government hospitals across Punjab against the non-acceptance of their demands.

The Punjab government had announced a three-day deadline to the YDA to end strike.

The government clearly said that the doctors would face strict action if they had not ended the strike.

But the doctors are still unavailable in the hospitals busy in protests.

On the other hand, thousands of the patients across the province are suffering due to the strike.

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Health Khawaja Salman Rafique urged on the protesting doctors to tread the path of negotiations instead of strike for the resolution of the issues facing them.

Talking to media, he said the strike by the young doctors has become a nuisance for the patients hailing from the classes of the poor and the underprivileged, adding the young doctors’ strike is against the esteem of their profession. Salman noted the strike is no solution to any troubles; moreover, the doctors are letting go of public sympathies.