ISLAMABAD -  The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Wednesday said that the government seems uninterested in the economic revival as it has focused all its attention on the politics since it came to power.

The government continue to avoid reforms and unpopular decisions since years and it is unlikely that it will do something in the election year, said PEW President Dr Murtaza Mughal. The Government and opposition are not concerned with the economic revival, they are pushing their own agenda which is leading country towards a default, he added.

He said that the trade deficit in the first 11 months has surpassed $30 billion but the government has not done little to prevent the economic meltdown. The government or other political parties have yet to suggest a concrete framework of policies to improve overall growth rate and to ensure that all regions and segments of society reap the fruits of a booming economy, he added.

Dr Murtaza said that the incumbent government has utilised all energies to promote elite which has disappointed masses, frustrated business community and brought the economy to the deathbed. Rulers intentionally avoided economic reforms despite the insistence of lenders, friendly countries and business community while it relied on false figures, tall claims and flowery statements, he claimed.

He said that mismanagement has snatched jobs from millions while it compromised the ability of tens of millions of wage earners to provide sustenance to their families, adding that the government has left no opportunity to promote the interests of rural and urban high class on the cost of poor. The welfare of landed nobility remained the main focus of the govt dominated by the countryside politicians which resulted in many social and economic problems, he added.

He said that prosperity of the urban population and business community remained confined to the statements by the government functionaries which has frustrated the business community to an extent that they started shifting units and funds overseas. He said that rulers have failed in all unenthusiastic attempts to provide relief to masses but remained successful in all their initiatives to support the mighty and wealthy, he said.