KARACHI-7th Sky Entertainment’s new drama ‘Mere Mohsin’ under the production of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi has been making waves since its first episode went on air last week.

The second episode was aired this Wednesday, and it has made us look forward to the journey of Soha and Mohsin, played beautifully by Rabab Hashim and Syed Jibran respectively.

‘Mere Mohsin’ was established as a love-story from the very beginning with an amazing on-screen chemistry between the fresh on-screen pair-Rabab Hashim and Syed Jibran.

Although the story largely falls under the framework of a typical rich-girl-poor-boy love story, the different dynamics and the amazing acting of the lead pair make it a treat to tune in to this drama.

This week’s episode mainly gave further insights into the life of the protagonists and laid out the struggles that they both face. These struggles may play an important role in shaping the future events and hence, they were intelligently provided to the audience so that it is easy to understand and form a relation with the characters.