Pakistani Cricket Team Coach Waqar Younis said the team will not get better unless the whole system is renovated and made transparent. In a press conference outside the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) office in Lahore, Waqar said that ‘apparent makeup surgery will not work’.

Waqar gave the example of South Africa where cricket was banned in 1970s and the ban was lifted in 1990s. “They were semifinalists in 1992 World Cup,” he said. “When we visited South Africa in 1993, there was no sign that the cricket had been banned in this country for two decades. Like them we have to work on our system.”

Waqar apologised for the team’s showing in the ICC World T20.

“I apologise for the team’s performance in the T20 World Cup,” he said, but warned against any knee-jerk reaction.

“The matter will not be solved, if we blame single individuals, whether it’s me, (Shahid) Afridi or the PCB Chairman. We have to find the real inner problems,” he said.

He said there is a need to sit down and talk to trace long-term solutions, but added he’s willing to resign if that is believed to be the solution. “If things will improve if I leave, then I am ready to go home,” he said.

Waqar said that being deprived of cricket at home is one of the reasons the national team has struggled.

“Although we call UAE our home but playing at home makes a huge difference and this leads to emergence of new talent,” he said. “Our domestic structure has weakened because we have not played cricket in Pakistan.”

The national cricket team coach said that his future is not necessarily linked to cricket. “Cricket is not game of stars, it is a game of heroes,” he said while responding to a question. “My future is not linked to cricket. I have been the coach before and I was liked by everyone. So it is not me, or a single person, it is about the system.”

Waqar denied internal rifts in the dressing room.

“There is no politics in the team or any grouping. Our performance is bad and so we don’t have time for any groupings,” he said while answering a question. “The nation’s anger is justified because we did not perform well. But now is the time to make things open and clear, the time of hiding actual issues has passed.”

He said it has been a difficult time for him as well. “I was hurt by the team’s losses.”