LOS ANGELES (GN) - Lil Wayne has demanded the return of his old lyric notebook. The ‘Lollipop’ hitmaker has sent a legal letter to Moments in Time - who are selling the 1999 jotter for $250,000 - insisting he is the rightful owner and the broker doesn’t have permission to sell or transfer the book to anyone. In the letter, which has been obtained by TMZ, Wayne’s legal team argued he never abandoned the notebook - which was discovered in one of his old cars - as he just misplaced it and was thrilled to learn it had been found. They accused the man who found it had ‘’absconded with the notebook’’ and deliberately concealed it for years in order to cash in. However, Gary Zimet, who owns Moments in Time is refusing to give in and insisted the Young Money boss will have to pay the asking price if he wants his words back because the person who found it ‘’has crystal clear title’’.