The banning of Facebook in Pakistan, even though absolutely correct, created a vacuum in lives of the web aficionados. This socializing website has grown to be an addiction for a countless number of people here. It has virtually become a substitute for a lot of constructive activities and to me it appears to be more of an indulgence than a leisurely pastime. The debate is still on whether Facebook should be permanently banned in Pakistan but that ignores the human ingenuity for finding alternatives to access whatever may be prohibited. Twitter and Orkut are the other options and many have already made their choice. I keep pondering the question as to why our young feel this irresistible need to socialize on the web. Maybe it gives a person, irrespective of age and gender, the opportunity to be recognized as a universe unto himself/herself? Isnt that the ultimate fulfillment of ones being? -NIRMA ZIA, Lahore, May 28.