The preparations for the budget for fiscal year 2010-11 are in full swing. The budget always means more money out of common mans pocket as the same set of people are being taxed more and more every year. The businessmen pay no tax nor do any of our shopkeepers. But the Babus of Ministry of finance, just to ensure their furnished bungalows with green, manicured lawns are intact and their yearly foreign 'study tours are paid for, cut the yield on our pathetic little savings every year. The rich own the government so they are not taxed. And, then, there are these people that live below the poverty line. The poor dont have a voice but their savage hunger is feared. Hence, it is always the middle class that has to bear the burden for funding the government. At a time when the loss of faith between the governed and the government is complete, the writing on the wall is clear for all to see. No one in Islamabad cares whether people live or die. Where should the middle class look? Towards a bleak future with little savings left for the next generation? HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, May 28.