Everybody is well aware of the ban placed by PTA on several international websites including the most famous social networking site the Facebook. The PTA had clamped the ban on these sites because they contained content that is deemed disrespectful towards our religion and our Prophet (PBUH). The nation is happy at this action by the PTA but little do we realise that 2.5 million or so Pakistani users, even if barred successfully from logging on to Facebook, are no more than a couple of drops out of a sea of 400 million users that Facebook has at present all over the world. We are living in a fools paradise if we think we are harming this international megalith by taking this tiny bit out of its revenues. Besides, some of us are so addicted to sites like the Facebook that we cannot think of our lives with out having the fun they provide us. Most pertinent question of all is that where does this ban stand when half of the nation is using Facebook through other popular alternatives that are freely available and are being accessed. -SYEDA ZEHRA, Karachi, May 27.