Just before the start of military operation in Waziristan, our electronic media showed clips of the so-called Taliban lashing a wailing woman in public. Later, it was revealed that the clip was fake and the so-called Taliban were actually actors that were hired locally by some phony NGO. A similar frenzy was built up later by the media and everyone living in our cities was infused with the idea that the Taliban were only ninety miles away from Islamabad. What would happen if they captured the capital of our country, we all shivered in fear. The clip then being run over and over on almost every news channel showed the bearded visage of Sufi Mohammad with a sea of his followers gathered in the background. It created panic in the ordinary citizens who were convinced hundreds of thousands of people were ready to invade Islamabad. Later it was revealed that these were ordinary people forcefully gathered that venue area by the Commissioner of local administration to make Sufi Mohammads show a success. -FAHAD ZAFAR, Lahore, May 27.