We hear very weird news about our democratically elected representatives almost everyday. In the newspapers of May 26, there was a news item saying our revered MNA from Muzaffargarh stormed into Civil Hospital of the city with a bevy of accomplices who manhandled the hospital staff, harassed nurses and broke some furniture. I am rather surprised that an FIR was actually registered against the MNA on request of the MS of the hospital. I never thought the police had the courage to file an FIR against this all-powerful chamcha of the PM. I am convinced that the MS would soon be either suspended or transferred. Some people say that an ethnic political party of Pakistan has its own wing of militants. This applies to the PPP as well. I believe that every political party in Pakistan must maintain a militant wing. It certainly helps to coerce opponents, as well as the media. -BEDARBAKHT KHAN, Karachi, May 28.