The Election Commission of Pakistan and the district administration have made arrangements to hold the by-election to PP-107 (Pindi Bhattian) on Thursday.

The PTI leaders here claimed that official machinery was being used to manoeuvre rigging in the Thursday by-election. However, they have warned that every attempt by the ruling elite to cast bogus votes would be foiled. Meanwhile, PPP has announced to boycott the by-election to protest against turncoats backed by the PML-N.

According to official figures, 175,339 male and female registered voters would cast their votes at 154 polling stations. The police have deputed 1,629 policemen to ensure peaceful atmosphere at the polling stations. Sixteen polling stations have been declared sensitive where strict security arrangements are being made.

Politics of Hafizabad district always revolves round arch rivals Ch Afzal Hussain Tarar and Mehdi Hassan Bhatti whether they were in PPP or PML but this time they have shown no vision, principle and wisdom to pick up candidates to contest by-election to PP-107, as per local experts.

As a matter of fact, the politics in the district has been “turned turtle” and voters were confused and perplexed to whom they cast their votes. The politics in the area taken strange turn following former MPA Intisar Hussain Bhatti and his younger brother Ansar Abbas Bhatti, who were staunch supporters of Ch Afzal group for the past 25 years, joined Ch Mehdi Hassan Bhatti group of PTI to get ticket for Nighat Intisar Bhatti, wife of Intisar Bhatti.

Similarly, Syed Shoiab Shah Nawaz de-seated MPA has severed tie with his long associate Ch Mehdi Bhatti and joined Afzal Tarar group. During May 11, 2013 general election, Syed Shoiab Shah Nawaz, independent candidate of Ch Mehdi group, had defeated PML-N candidate Nighat Intisar but Election Tribunal declared the May 11, 2013 election null and void on the petition of Nighat Intisar regarding bogus voting.

Bhatti group of Pindi Bhattian had been in the fold of Ch Mehdi group about 25 years ago and have too much support of electorates in Pindi Bhattian area. Moreover, Ch Mehdi Hassan Bhatti’s group had won only an MNA and an MPA seat in 2013 but both were unseated later.

Ch Mehdi Hassan Bhatti, ex-MNA, and Liaqat Abbas Bhatti, former federal minister, have great respect among the masses of the area for their pro-people and development-oriented vision. Beside, other achievements, opening of two motorway interchanges, electrification of hundreds villages and provision of gas in Hafizabad go to their credit.