Welcoming the Pakistani prime minister’s visit to India, Jammu & Kashmir Liberation League President Justice (r) Abdul Majeed Mallick said the foreign policy of the Nawaz govt towards normalisation of relations with India will bear fruit and the outstanding issues especially Kashmir dispute would be settled through dialogues.

Talking to newsmen in his office, the Kashmiri jurist-cum-politician termed Prime Minister Sharif’s willingness for the establishment of normal relations with India as part of “successful” foreign policy of his government.

Mr Mallick hoped that as a result of good relations between India and Pakistan, the peace process between the two countries will resume to objectives. He opined that the boosted trade ties and people-to-people contacts would help reach the ultimate settlement of all the conflicts including the major issue of Kashmir.

The Kashmiri leader suggested to the newly-elected governments in India and Pakistan to allow exercise of the approach of normalisation of relations in the disputed state of Jammu & Kashmir through softening the Line of Control, simplification of the  current complicated system of travel permit. He demanded the exchange of bilateral delegations of expertise including politicians, lawyers, journalists, members of business community from both the sides of LoC and encouraging cross-LoC trade between AJK and IHK.

He proposed that politicians from all sections and all parts of the Jammu & Kashmir state might be facilitated to visit freely all the areas of the state and exchange views in order to evolve consensus for ultimate settlement of Kashmir problem.

“In my view, the people of Jammu & Kashmir alone are the arbiter of their fate and the future status,” he said. He further stated that the viewpoint of other stakeholders was also relevant for the sake of acceptance of proposed settlement of Kashmir issue in Pakistan and India.

To a question, he hoped that the resumption of past policy on Kashmir by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and then Indian prime minister Vajpayee would help initiate dialogue on Kashmir to reach its final settlement in the light of the aspirations of Kashmiris.