LAHORE  - Dismissing number of petitions against compulsory requirement of affidavit from the new entrants of medical profession, the Lahore High Court observed that doctors would not be allowed to leave the country permanently during their service.

Justice Khalid Mahmood Khan placed this order while hearing a number of petitions filed by new entrants of medical profession. The judge observed that those doctors who were reluctant to serve in public sector hospitals in rural areas may tender their resignations.

The doctors through their counsel had submitted that Punjab health department demanded them to submit compulsory service affidavits from doctors in violation of law.

They said that such requirement by the government was illegal as the doctors could not even avail the ex-Pakistan leave before expiry of three leaves and neither could marry a foreigner or go abroad for further training in their respective field.

The petitioners told the court that according to the Constitution no one could be restricted or bound to work on a specific job and for specific time.

However, a law officer opposed the arguments of petitioners’ counsel advocate Noshab A Khan and told the court that the respondents were informed about all terms and conditions and they were recruited through Punjab Public Service Commission.

He said the government facilitated them to gain experience and training in their respective field and spent billions of rupees. He said the terms and conditions were made part of the affidavit only to compel doctors to serve the country because it was the need of hour. Upon which, the court said at least Rs 4 million is being spent on a doctor but they hated to work in rural areas. “If the doctors were reluctant to work in rural areas, they may tender their resignation”, the judge observed.

After hearing the arguments of both parties, the court dismissed all petitions of doctors and ruled that the doctors would not be allow to leave the country during their service.