ISLAMABAD- On behalf of PTI's central leadership, Central Information Secretary issued a strong condemnation of the Federal Government's decision to increase electricity prices even further, because of increased T&D losses and interest cost on circular debt loans.

The Central leadership in a statement pointed out that Pakistan already has the highest electricity rates in the region, after the earlier criminal increases by the PMLN government. This shows that electricity theft had increased proving wrong government claims.

PTI rejects any additional increase as this would be totally unacceptable to the people of Pakistan who are being made to pay the price of government inefficiency and incorrect policies, the statement said.

Additionally, the government has no authority to make these changes and they are usurping the powers of the regulator thereby making NEPRA redundant.

He also said that it was ironic, just a few months back Ishaq Dar on the floor of the National Assembly had claimed that the circular debt had been paid off without any borrowing or printing of notes.  If that had been the case, then why was the interest cost on loans for clearing circular debt being charged to the consumer now? Either Dar was lying then or the government was lying now.

PTI led by its Chairman takes a clear stand that it would oppose any raise in electricity prices in the National Assembly and on the streets, the statement said.