ISLAMABAD  - The Perveen Shakir Trust (PST) on Wednesday announced holding  two-day Urdu Literature Festival (ULF) from May 30 and 31st at Comsats University and a local hotel.

Speaking at a press briefing, Mazhar ul Islam, director and producer of the event, said that one day of the festival is devoted to poetry and the other day is for fiction. There will be active interactions between audience and the stage and two books will be launched titled "Perveen Shakir- Jaisa Main Ne Dekha" by Rafaqat Javaid and "Nisbet Mujhe Is Khaq Se Hae" by Dr. Farhat Jabeen Virk. 

He said, "Urdu literature compared to English literature in general and rural segments of society and literates in particular are not adequately represented in the literature festivals. The purpose is to preserve Urdu literature legacy."

"Urdu literature is like an orphan sitting in a corner looking at it", he lamented in fervor with his eyebrows bowed in bewilderment. The sessions on first day of the festival include, "30 minutes Ghalib ke saath", "Saat shayer-kalam-e-shayer bazuban-e-shayer," "30 minutes Iqbal ke saath," "Khuwab le lo khuwab (a tribute to Noon Meem Rashid)," "30 minute Faiz Ahmad Faiz ke saath," and "30 minutes Munir Niazi ke saath" among others.

The proceedings of second day include launching of books and award distribution ceremony.