ISLAMABAD- Supreme Court (SC) has ordered NADRA and all the four Chief Secretaries to implement the policy of mentioning supposed  names in the column of parents in respect of unclaimed children.

Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed has remarked “State comes into being with the people. Unclaimed children are responsibility of state too. Matter with us is registration of unclaimed children. Whose name is recorded in the parent’s column of unclaimed children because we cannot record the name of custodian in this column.”

A 3-member bench of SC presided over by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Tassaduq Hussain Jillani took up the case for hearing today.

Amicus curiae Tariq Mehmood advocates took the plea that unclaimed child should not be punished so much. What was there fault? Did he come in this world on his own will? Name of maternal or paternal uncle could be written in the column of custodian. Therefore, a column of custodian be also carved out on NADRA form along with father’s column.

Afnan Karim Kundi counsel for NADRA took the plea name of maternal or paternal uncle cannot be written in the column of parents of the unclaimed children. Policy is evolved for registration of unclaimed children. A policy has been devised under NADRA that any supposed name will be written in the column specified for parents of unclaimed children. Implementation process of this policy has been started. The court disposed of the petition by ordering for implementation of policy.