ISLAMABAD - Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Maulana Muhammad Khan Sheerani here on Thursday said that child education to be started from the age of seven.

Addressing a press conference after the seminar on developing curriculum of primary education, he said there are three basic aspects of education for Muslims including ideology, morality and technical skills.

The first pillar of primary education is that the class difference in atmosphere, dress and resources should be eliminated, he said.

He further stated that access to education and knowledge is the basic right of every child, adding, that at primary level the syllabus should be focused on inculcating religious, visionary, social and moral awareness in pupils.

There are number of flaws in the current curriculum and needed various amendments including guidance towards freedom struggle of Sub-continent, human rights and focus on moral aspects of Seerat un Nabi (PBUH).

Chairman CII said in mathematical education examples like Zakat to be included for nurturing Islamic ideology in the minds of students.

Madrassa education to be linked with school education, he said, adding, uniform of school children should be same in the country or at least in each province or city.

Steps should be taken to provide basic education to students in their native language, Maulana Sheerani stated, adding, that examination and analysis of students progress should be monitored but not so extensively that it became a burden for them.

There is a dire need of teachers training and the curriculum should be established keeping in mind the cultural needs of the society, Chairman CII briefed the media representatives.

Character building should be especially focused besides making information technology beneficial for students, Maulana Sheerani said.

Technical education should also be part of the curriculum, he further said.

Special focus should be given on speaking Arabic language and steps to be taken for reciting Holy Quran besides remembering few Paras of the Holy Quran by heart for children.