Islamabad - Federal Ombudsman for Harassment of Women at Work Place has issued notice to already convicted Executive Director Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) for harassing another female journalist of the organisation.

The Federal Ombudsman issued notice to Executive Director APP Muhammad Naeem Chaudhry dated May 25 after registering complaint filed by Saima Aslam Malik, a reporter/producer of Video News Service (VNS) of APP as complaint No. 1 (153) 2015 FOS.  According to the complaint, Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) Executive Director Muhammad Naeem Chaudhry has already been convicted by the Federal Ombudsman for harassing a senior most female journalist in 2014 who imposed major penalty after he was found guilty.

According to the judgment, the Federal Ombudsman warned the APP administration that the said Executive Director was imposed with major penalty of reduction to lower grade from Special Grade as Director News in August 2014 so that he might not take advantage of his senior position to create such unhealthy environment for other employees of APP in future. Unfortunately, instead of implementing the decision, the convicted Executive Director was further elevated in connivance with some senior officials of the Ministry of Information.  The Federal Ombudsman directed the APP administration to implement the judgment and intimate the Ombudsman within the specified time of 15 days but the competent authority failed to implement the judgment within the specified period and deliberately enlarged time in an unlawful manner to give opportunity to the convict. The convicted Executive Director thus filed an appeal to the President of Pakistan that was due to be decided within a period of sixty days and that is still pending even after lapsing more than eight months.

According to the complaint, Saima Malik filed a complaint against Muhammad Naeem Chaudhry for creating unhealthy environment for her even with a background of the convicted officer Naeem Chaudhry asked her to become false witness in his case against Mrs Seema Mir and she refused to do so.  After being convicted by the court, the said ED continued enjoying his position and started harassing female journalist who refused to submit affidavits in his favour including Saima Malik directly and through Manager Admin Saif-ul-Islam Hashmi.

Talking to this scribe, some other females working in APP showed concerns over the implementation of Harassment at Workplace law, saying the law was made to maintain the dignity of working women but instead, this law is not providing relief due to non-implementation of judgments.

The female journalists were of the view that convicted ED is habitual of loose talking with the women at workplace and has created a hostile and offensive work environment for them at APP.