BTG LONDON - Celebrity Big Brother’s Casey Batchelor tried to take her own life as a teenager. The 30-year-old glamour model appeared on the reality TV show last year, leading to numerous career opportunities. But while her life is in a good place now, as a teen, Casey was severely depressed.

‘I remember the night vividly. I’d come home from dancing class at about 9.30pm,’ she told British newspaper The Sun. ‘I went into the kitchen and felt so flat. I just couldn’t pull myself out of the depths of despair and isolation I had been feeling for some time. I couldn’t see a way out.’ Casey had been having a hard time at school as she was bullied and she also had to deal with her parents’ bitter split. She had chosen to live with her dad, leading her mother to stop speaking to her.

‘It was at that crisis moment I remembered there was a stash of drugs in the medicine cupboard in my dad’s bathroom,’ she continued. ‘I took the pills and waited on my bed for the drugs to take effect. I expected to feel drowsy - that was my hope that I would just drift off.’ Thankfully Casey woke up the next morning and realised her bid to end her life had been unsuccessful.

‘I was embarrassed and I didn’t go to the hospital to get checked out because I knew the doctors would tell my mum and dad,’ she added. While Casey’s time in the Big Brother house has gave her the platform to speak out about such important issues as this, another TV star is hoping a stint in the house will resurrect his career.

Controversial comic Daniel O’Reilly, aka Dapper Laughs, is hoping to be a housemate on the next celebrity series after ITV2 axed his Dapper Laughs: On The Pull show last year. The cull came when he was filmed telling jokes about assault during a live stage performance. ‘Producers think he would be a big character and it would be good for him to reveal his true self after all the controversy,’ an insider told the publication.