GILGIT - PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday said that the elections would be held in the same year and his party would set up next government.

Addressing a big really in Municipal Stadium Skardu, Imran said that he had waited for 19 years to talk to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

 He said the people of GB would soon witness the developments in their region.

Criticising the PML-N and PPP governments in the past, Imran said those, who could not bring change after ruling the country for 3 times, cannot bring any change during their 4th tenure as well.

He said that Nawaz Sharif had come to Skardu after elections and promised a package of Rs47 billion but the PM should keep in mind that the people are not the sheep that could be bought with money alone.

Imran said that the leaders were busy shifting their money abroad and asking the foreigners to invest here in Pakistan.

He said that not even a single person had been employed in KP through nepotism.

He said that the people who call themselves “Khadim-e-Ala” murder innocent citizens through organised use of police.

The PTI chairman said that local body elections would transfer power to grass-root level.

He said that in local body system, power would not be in the hands of ministers and MPAs.

He criticised PM Nawaz Sharif and former President Asif Ali Zardari’s decision not to hold local bodies election adding that they did not want transfer of power and funds to grass-root levels.

He said that revolution would come in KP by the means of local body elections.

Meanwhile, other PTI leaders including Chaudhry Sarwar Khan and Syed Zulqarnan Shah also accompanied Imran Khan. They will also address a public really in Khapolo today (Friday) and in Gilgit on Saturday.