LAHORE - With the aim to eliminate extremism and to strengthen equality amongst all citizens of Pakistan, the members of the Punjab Assembly have formed Religious Harmony and Freedom Caucus, says a press release.

Sardar Vikas Hassan Mokal a member of the assembly notified it and said that the caucus would be part of the Youth Caucus of the assembly. Its purpose is to safeguard the rights of minorities in the light of constitution of the country. The caucus would also help improve implementation of National Action Plan.

A large number of MPs belonging to various parliamentarian parties participated in the meeting and unanimously pledged to improve conditions of minorities in the country.

The participating MPs also resolved to address religious freedom within the broader context of human rights in the true spirit of the International Covenants.

It was decided that the Caucus would play an important role in raising numerous religious freedom issues in the House and with the relevant Institutions. They said the Caucus would work towards bringing necessary improvements in the policy reforms and laws to reduce the grievances of and discrimination against religious minorities.

The members aimed to create greater economic, social and political awareness regarding challenges to minority religious freedom & harmony in Punjab. It aimed to engage politicians and to encourage them to generate a serious debate on the plight of religious minorities.

The Caucus members lauded Pattan Development Organization for assisting MPs to form the caucus.

 The MPs noted that the lawmakers should be given appropriate support to carry out their legislative and oversight role effectively.

Sardar Vikas Mokal Chair Youth Caucus, Marry Gill of PML-N, PTI MPA Shunila Ruth, Khurram Jahangir Watto of PPP, Dr Nausheen Hamid of PTI and the following MPs played pivotal role in the formation of the Caucus: