Karachi: Jamia Binoria’s chief Mufti Naeem said that Karachi’s water crisis is due to lack of rains which is the result of evildoings, adding that it is a test from God.

He urged Imams of mosques to organize Istasqa prayers (special Islamic prayers for rain) in mosques.

He said people are on roads protesting against the water shortage, but they are not being heard.

“People are already facing difficulties, because of terrorism and the water crisis has forced them to come on roads,” he said.

In a statement issued from Jamia Binoria International, Mufti Naeem said that increasing unemployment, inflation, load shedding, terrorism and other difficulties have troubled people’s lives.

“No steps are being taken by government to end crisis which is creating disappointment among the people,” he said. “People already suffering from scorching heat are made deprived of water, whereas the hydrant mafia is busy selling water at increased rates,” Mufti Naeem said.

He said it appears the whole city’s water has been handed over to the ‘hydrant mafia’, adding that there’s a drought as well, therefore, the government should take immediate steps.