LAHORE - In collaboration with Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd (SNGPL), the WWF-Pakistan on Thursday conducted an awareness raising seminar on the importance of energy conservation at Froebel's International School.

More than 400 students from grade 3 up to O-Levels participated in the seminar and gave their views in the form of interactive presentations on conserving energy.

According to a senior officer of WWF-Pakistan, energy conservation is a global issue and Pakistan has to take it up seriously. “We should use energy resources wisely, like switching off unnecessary lights, to promote energy efficiency. The youth can bring a positive change in conservation of natural resources especially natural gas,” he added.

SNGPL Media Coordinator Mifrah Mahmood was the guest of honour on the occasion. She also stressed the importance of conservation, specifically of natural gas, and discussed safety measures regarding gas usage.

She opined that natural gas is one of the most important natural resource of the country, which should be used efficiently and sustainably for future generations.

In 2015, WWF-Pakistan collaborated with SNGPL for the fourth consecutive year to raise awareness about conservation of natural gas through the Spellathon programme. This year, the outreach of the programme went up to more than 60, 000 students.

WWF-Pakistan has been conducting a nationwide environment spelling competition in schools for last 19 years under the nationally recognised name of Spellathon. The number of participants has increased from 25,000 students in 1996, to 125,000 across Pakistan.