LAHORE - Acting head of the Jamaat-e-Islami Liaqat Baloch has called upon the government to resolve the problems of the tribal people in consultation with the Pakhtoon leadership and the Mishran Jirga.  In a statement, he said that Prime Minister Imran khan had himself admitted that the demands of the tribal people as well as their protest was justified but the style of their protest was not right. He said the premier should have kept in mind the prolonged agonyhe Pakhtoon people had gone through due to outside terrorism, the military operation against terrorism and their displacement from their homes in the form of IDPs. He said that even after the return to their homes, elections and FATA’s merger with the Khyber P., the political and economic deprivation of these people had not come to an end. He said the situation was alarming and the criminal neglect of the federal and the provincial governments had compelled the people to a strong reaction.