ISLAMABAD   -   The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) on Tuesday allowed tariff increase of Re 0.55 per unit for ex-Wapda distribution companies on account of fuel price adjustment for April.

This decision in this regard was made by NEPRA in a public hearing on the petition filed by the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) on behalf of the distribution companies (DISCOs).

According to the petition filed by CPPA in April the cost of fuel was high while the power consumers were charged with low rates so this additional amount would be charged in the electricity bills of June 2019. It would cumulative impact of Rs5.2 billion. The adjustment will, however, not be applicable to lifeline consumers as well as K-Electric consumers.

NEPRA questioned CPPA that why the RLNG plants had not been run on their full capacity and why Baloki power plant is frequently tripping? Official told the authority that there was some technical issue in the plant, however currently it is generating 1160 MWs. NEPRA pointed out that Baloki Power plant remained closed for 327 hours in April, so it sought explanation in writing from the authorities.

The CPPA had sought the permission for increasing of 0.5696 per unit from power consumers. It told the regulator that it has charged reference fuel price of Rs5.2359 per unit from consumers in April, while the cost was Rs5.8055 per unit.

As per the petition a total of 9717.38 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity generated in April at total cost of Rs 53.63 billion. Net electricity delivered to power distribution companies was 9,511.79 GWh, whereas transmission losses came in at 180.34 GWH or Rs0.1080 per unit

It is worth mentioning that during the month under review, highest 30.83 percent (or 2995.8GWh) electricity was generated from re-gasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) at a cost of Rs9.40 per unit. Besides, 22.94 percent (or 2229.4 GWh) was generated from hydel sources.

Around 1789.50 GWh (or 18.4 percent) of electricity was generated from natural gas at a cost of Rs6.068 per unit. Share of coal-fired power generation contributed 1005.04 GWh, accounting for 10.34pc of total generation at a cost of Rs6.7889 per unit. Nuclear electricity share was 7.67 percent (or 745.20 GWh) at a cost of Rs1.013 per unit.

The CPPA purchased 481.05GWh of electricity from residual fuel oil (RFO)-based power plants at a cost of Rs12.3406 per unit. RFO-based electricity share was 4.95 percent. However, in April no electricity was generated from High Speed Diesel.

In April, 42.43GWh of electricity was imported from Iran for Rs11.5709 per unit.

From bagasse, 66.43GWh was generated at a cost of Rs6.1199 per unit. Besides, 267.44 GWh of electricity was generated from wind and 66.5GWh from solar sources.