LAHORE The intelligence agencies have raised fears of terrorism across the country as a CIA-backed squad has been tasked to carry out terrorists activities to stoke sectarian strife during Muharram The agencies have urged all the provincial and AJK authorities to ensure foolproof security as a CIA-sponsored squad, 'Black Night, has been assigned the task of carrying out targeted killings, and suicide bombings to instigate sectarian violence during the holy month. According to sources, the hostile spy agencies had recruited militants to disrupt peace in the country as the rift between Washington and Islamabad is widening since the Raymond Davis episode. It has been learnt reliably that the undercover CIA-agents, disguised as 'diplomats and operating in different parts of the country, are funding militant groups having anti-Pakistan agenda. The sources went on: Terrorists have raised a special group, 'Black Night, in Pakistan to carry out attacks as per the desire of their foreign masters. We have received such information and we are effectively working to thwart their designs, a senior official of the Intelligence Bureau said on Monday. A senior official in the Interior Ministry said the provincial governments and the authorities in Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK have been asked to ensure foolproof security during the holy month. He went on: All the security agencies have been put on high alert to avert possible terror attacks in Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, and Peshawar. Another source in the Intelligence Bureau said the 'Black Night squad may carry out gun and bomb attacks to assassinate leading religious scholars. According to a report sent to the provincial authorities, the hostile intelligence had planned terror strikes on religious gatherings to stoke sectarian violence. The report, compiled by the Interior Ministry, was forwarded days after the Nato raid killed 24 Pakistan Army troops in sheer violation of the international laws. According to security experts, terrorism and its shadowy activities require huge amounts of cash and massive financial resources to meet the costly expenses of recruitment, acquiring lethal weapons, equipment for communication, training, logistic support, and cumulative funds to pay to the families of 'jehadis as compensation, payments made to agents and confederates, sympathisers and other mundane expenditures. It is learnt that American and Indian intelligence agencies are funding various terror groups to inflame unrest in the big cities of the country. Blocking terrorists finance is essential and a pre-requisite to defeat them. Without effective check on funds, the fight against terror may not produce desired results. Though the government and security forces have taken a number of steps to curb flow of funds to terrorists, the authorities must take up the issue at an appropriate level. The US is playing a double game in Afghanistan - blaming Pakistan for providing sanctuaries to Taliban and supporting the anti-Pakistan Taliban to carry out terror hits inside Pakistan, another security expert said. The Pak Army has repeatedly asked the Isaf to act against the militants disrupting peace in Pakistan from Afghanistan but the US has failed to respond positively, he added. When the US has certain expectations form Pakistan, it must also reciprocate in the same spirit, he added. The US troops concentration along Pak-Afghan borders caused tension and anxiety in North Waziristan tribal region. Pakistani security forces have successfully averted many plots of terrorism in the recent past and arrested many militants along with huge cache of arms and ammunition from Chitta Bakhtawar, Quetta, Peshawar and Islamabad.