LAHORE Notwithstanding the reasonable presence of police on the Muharram duty, dacoits on Monday struck the Punjab capital for more than 42 times successfully, looted houses, shops, families and motorists, and made off with cash, gold ornaments, motorbikes, cars and other valuables, police sources claimed. Two armed bandits stormed into the clinic of doctor Imtiaz in Samanabad police precincts and held up the doctor at gunpoint and escaped after snatching cash worth Rs10,000 and also injured by hitting him with butt of the pistol. Similarly, dacoits stormed into a cloth shop owned by one Kabeer Hussain Shah in Chung and fled the scene after collecting the cloth worth Rs3.3 million. Meanwhile, three dacoits barged into a home of Qasim Shahzad. The bandits locked the female members and children inside a room and escaped after collecting cellular phones, national currency and gold ornaments worth Rs 2 million. According to the Factory Area police sources, several dacoits equipped with shotguns barged into the house of Colonel Behran and snatched away cash, gold ornaments and prize bonds worth Rs 600, 000 after holding the family members hostage at gunpoint. The armed bandits held hostage the family members of one Umair near his home in Iqbal Town area and snatched cash, gold ornaments and other valuables wroth over Rs700, 000 from their possession. Umair told police concerned that his family was on the when some dacoits while riding on motorcycles intercepted them near the home and deprived the family of cash, gold ornaments and other valuables. Some unidentified robbers collected furniture and other articles worth over Rs 700, 000 from office of Mubeen in Baghbanpura whereas dacoits also looted valuables worth over Rs400, 000 from a dry cleaner shop owned by Muhammad Ramazan in Iqbal Town police area. One Tauseef told the police that few robbers stormed into his home in Factory Area poice and escaped after collecting cash and other valuables wroth Rs100,000. Similarly, robbers barged their entry into a home situated in Defence B and collected valuables, cash and gold ornaments worth Rs 700, 000. The victim Ziaul Hassan says he could not identified the dacoits. Dacoits also stormed into a home of Muhammad Waqar in Nawab Town police area and held the entire family hostage on gunpoint. The dacoits escaped after collecting valuables worth Rs300,000. Meanwhile, robbers struck into a shop of Muhammad Qasim in Sandha police area and collected rice, and cash worth Rs200, 000 whereas Muhammad Masood of Mustafa Town was also deprived of cash and other valuables worth over Rs200,100. Similarly, Muhammad Asim of Sundar area was also deprived of Rs200, 000 and other valuables. Likewise, Haidar Abbas in Millat Park, Maqbool in Johar Town, Kashif of Nawab Town, Jameel and Liaqat Ali in Kahna, Imran in Harbanspura, Kashif in Gulberg, Faisal in Kot Lakhpat, Shahbaz of Liaqatabad, Jehanzaib of Factory Area, Tauseef of Nawab Town, Aamir in Green Town, Asadullah in Sattukatla, Zulfiqar of Millat Park, Shahid and Wasim of Gulshan Iqbal, Nadeem, Iqbal, and Atif in Muslim Town, Afzal, Kashif and Dilawar in Samanabad area, Waheed and Zulfiqar in Sandha, Zaheer in Qila Gujjar Singh, Imran in Gujjarpura, Shahbaz in Shalimar, Zaheer, Imran, Asrar, Fahad Hussain and Zameer in Islampura, Kashif in Nawankot, Sikandar of Iqbal Town, Qasim of North Cantonment, Rasheed of Ravi Road, Khalid of Shadbagh, Abdul Rasheed of Shahdara, Nasir of Ghaziabad, Sarbuland of Defence, Kabeer of Township and Rizwan of Sattukatla were deprived of their cash, cellular phones, gold ornaments, motorbikes and cars.