LAHORE - A special meeting of Farmers Associates Pakistan (FAR) was convened to discuss the problems of cotton growers with respect to its prices and marketing, says a press release. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of FAP President, Dr Tariq Bucha and it was attended by FAP members Bilal Israel Khan, lbad-ur-Rehman Khan and Naeem UIlah Malik besides Sarfraz Ahmed Khan, Senior Vice President Kissan Board Pakistan. The President said that cotton has become uneconomical. He demanded the government to understand the seriousness and concern of the farmers. He further said that it is a pity that India, which gives a subsidy of $30 billion to its farmers, is being given MFN status for trade without removing non-tariff barriers and taking into consideration the cost of production in Pakistan with practically no subsidy, or if subsidy is there it is not passed on to the farmers. He added, without taking stakeholders into confidence all such initiatives will prove detrimental to the farmers of Pakistan.