ISLAMABAD - Former Chief of Army Staff Gen (retd) Mirza Aslam Beg has said that there are clear indications, which suggest that the government is hell-bent to hush up the memogate scam seeking to cause grave danger to the national security of the country. In his exclusive talk with TheNation on Monday, Beg said that the government has been successful in protecting the embattled Husain Haqqani, former Pakistans ambassador to the Unite States, in the memogate scandal. The manner Husain Haqqani has been treated so far, there will be no action against him by the government, he said, adding that this was primarily because of the fact that he would have made many startling disclosures had the investigations intensified. The former Chief of Army Staff argued that because of the fears that Husain Haqqani might make major disclosures during the deep investigations, he has actually been given advantage ostensibly to bury the issue. The memogate scam, he said, had aimed at causing a serious damage to the national security by sabotaging element of loyalty in Pakistan Army. He hoped that the era of bad governance under the present government would not prolong further and would reach its logical end by the year 2013 when situation would be better in the country.