OUR STAFF REPORTER SIALKOT - The trend of joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) continues as the local PPP and PML-Q dissidents have joined the PTI. PPPs Sambrial-based leader Col (R) Sultan Sikandar had joined the PTI few days ago. He had contested the 2008 general elections on PPP ticket from NA -112 Sambrial, Sialkot-III and was knocked out by a new comer in politics PML-Ns Rana Abdul Sattar. PPP Daska leader Usman Javaid Ghuman has also joined the PTI. Though, the PTI Chief Imran Khan had announced to bring new, honest and transparent faces in the party, but in Sialkot district, the PTI was inducting the 'old political faces. Talking to the newsmen here, the former PPP leaders said that the present PPP was not fulfilling its political commitments made to the public, besides, remaining unable to control the sky-rocketing price hike, lawlessness, terrorism, unemployment and poverty. They said that in such circumstances, they have every right to do their mind. They said that Imran Khan was the hope of the oppressed people in the country for bringing great political revolution in Pakistan. According to the giant banners displayed every where in both Daska and Sambrial tehsils, Col (R) Sultan Sikandar has joined the PTI and he will test his political fate from Daska tehsil as expected candidate of PTI in NA-113 Daska, Sialkot-IV. The PML-Q backed former speaker National Assembly Chaudhry Ameer Hussain, former SCCI President and former District Nazim Sialkot PML-N leader Mian Naeem Javaid and PML-Ns three times winner MPA Engineer Imran Ashraf are also very close to the PTI leadership. Their close companions confirmed their well-established political links with the PTI leadership. They said that these leaders had finalised all the political deals with the PTI leadership and they could join the PTI at any time. The major reason behind the expected joining of PML-N leaders MPA Imran Ashraf and Mian Naeem Javaid was stated to be their ignoring by the PML-N Sialkot leadership and mounted political differences with the local political big guns of the party. The political figures very close to Ch Ameer Hussain, Mian Naeem Javaid and MPA Imran Ashraf confirmed that they are expected to join the PTI. However, personally these leaders have not yet commented regarding joining the PTI. Meanwhile, Imran Ashraf is publicly criticising the PML-N Sialkot leadership for creating hurdles in development schemes in his electoral constituency. He has openly announced his political differences with the local leaders including MNA Khawaja Muhammad Asif. He had also hinted out to quit the party if his genuine demands were not accepted by the PML-N provincial leadership. In Narowal, PML-Q backed former District Nazim Col (R) Javaid Safdar Kahiloun has already joined the PTI. Talking to the newsmen here, he said that several PML-Q faces are actively considering joining PTI from both Sialkot and Narowal districts.