ISLAMABAD - A group of over two dozen political bigwigs, after holding its few meetings, is now planning to launch a new political party after Muharram. "The activities to make future strategy and launch a new political party have been postponed due to Muharram," sources privy to the development informed TheNation. They said the group of political personalities was believed to be consisting of dissidents from different political forces, including those in and outside the parliament. They said the group in its few meetings discussed the planned party's manifesto, its working and suitable name. "Albeit, most the prerequisite steps are yet to be deliberated on. These issues would most likely be sorted out after the month of Muharram," they said. When contacted, Ishaq Khan Khakwani, a former minister in the era of Gen Pervez Musharraf, confirmed that all the required steps would be taken after Muharram. "We have postponed the activities, however they would soon be restarted after Muharram," he added. To a question about the name of the new political setup, he said it was not finalised yet, as different names were under consideration. Meanwhile, the sources said one of the names out of these two names, 'Pakistan Justice and Development Party' and 'Adal-o-Masawat', were most likely to be selected for the new party. It is worth mentioning here that Jahangir Tareen had earlier reportedly said, "We are 15-20 parliamentarians, including senators, MNAs and politicians. We have been preparing our manifesto to set our priorities."