ISLAMABAD - Succumbing to the employees severe protest and media news against the alleged appointment for a worthwhile slot of joint executive director (technical), the regulator reversing earlier action has now assured that all posts would be filled strictly in accordance with the provisions of the OGRA Service Regulations. Sabir Hussain Acting Chairman Ogra On Monday while announcing promotions of employees waiting from last six or seven years in the authority has promised that there would be no discrimination and no violation of merit in the promotion and appointments in the authority. He said that the authority is all out to protect the valuable rights of the OGRA employees, which is evidenced by the fact that the regulator has recently promoted 54 officers/ officials to next higher grades roughly some fifteen days earlier. Ogra in its statement has said that the authority is cognizant and wary that no violation of rules and regulations could be or even imagined to be committed under any circumstances and all posts will continue to be filled strictly in accordance with the provisions of the OGRA Service Regulations. It is also learnt that SNGPL setting aside the regulators request has sent the said blue eyed also desperate for Ogra slot packing in an apparent bid to reduce the pressure ostensibly raised by the employees of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) and media as well. Sources informed that Sui Northern Gas Company Limited; a licensee of Ogra, has transferred Masroor Ahmad here from Rawalpindi to Lahore instead of giving him go ahead to join the lucrative post of JED (technical) at the regulator. While Ogra has promoted Abdul Rab Khan Deputy Executive Director LPG for that slot of JED (technical) now instead of severe ruthless political pressure for Masroor Ahmad, sources added. It is testimony of the fact that earlier, Ogra employees have protested against an alleged irregularity committed by its high ups succumbing to the political pressure ostensibly in their desperate bid to appease government gurus who are hell bent to benefit a blue-eyed for a lucrative slot of joint executive director (technical). Ogras employees earlier filed a representation before the authority in this regard. To them, this decision of the Authority is a gross violation of Ogras regulations and contempt of Supreme Court. They were of the view that the incumbent deputationist is an employee of SNGPL whose appointment in Ogra will create conflict of interest and jeopardise judicious regulation. They further alleged that there are serious allegations of involvement in gas theft and other corruption charges on the deputationist. So on Monday, Ogra employees wearing black ribbons came out of their office in protest against the alleged appointment and chanted slogans in favor of their demands. However, they were found happy after the courageous address of Sabir Hussain a brave chairman of the authority who assured them that no stone would be left unturned to carry, preserve, protect and promote the rights of the employees. It is worth mentioning that recently, a post of Joint Executive Director (Technical) in pay scale E-4 was vacated in the authority after promotion of a JED as executive director (technical) in pay scale E-5. This vacant post had to be filled by promoting the eligible DED (Technical) as was done in other cases during recent promotions given by the Authority. However, the same could not be done due to unknown reasons.