LAHORE Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) officials negligence has caused Pakistan hosting rights of the Davis Cup tie against Lebanon which was scheduled to be held here in the city in February 10-12 next year, a decision which the International Tennis Federation (ITF) had overturned. According to details, the PTF was supposed to correspond with the ITF regarding security concerns and venues where the tie was to be played but due to the negligence of PTF officials, the reply was sent to the ITF after the delay of 32 days and seeing this ITF shifted the venue from Pakistan. One of the important factors in the shifting of the venue was that no one in the PTF high-ups is there to look after the matter. PTF president Syed Kalim Imam is in Sudan on deputation, secretary Mumtaz Yousuf is stationed at Quetta while the PTF office secretary was in Lahore as a referee to witness the ITF Seniors Championship and the PTF office was at the mercy of peons and office boys so no one was there to correspond with the ITF. Due to security concerns, hosting of a Davis Cup tie in Pakistan is subject to security clearance by the Risk Department of the ITF. The PTF officials have failed to submit the required documents sent by the ITF in time which became a reason of shifting the tie from Pakistan and this incompetency and criminal negligence has caused the loss of hosting the prestigious tie. Since 2010, Pakistan's home Davis Cup ties against Hong Kong, Oman, New Zealand and the Philippines have all been relocated over security fears. If the tie between the two countries is played for first time, venue is finalised by lot. Next time, the guest nation in previous tie automatically gets the hosting rights without any interference of the ITF as per the rules and on same subsequent the ties take place. As per Pak-Lebanon ties concerned, Lebanon was the host in the first tie between the two countries in 1999 which was won by Lebanon while M Khaliq, Asim Shafiq, Nasir Sherazi and Aqeel Khan represented Pakistan in that tie. When contacted, PTF senior vice president Col (retd) Asif Dar said: I am shocked to know about the shifting. In fact, some of the PTF officials instead of working for tennis were just wasting their energies in making tall but false claims. After such an incident, one of such officials has resigned as he has no face to show to the tennis people whereas the others who are still leeching the federation are giving funny excuses concerning the shifting of the tie. He said the PTF should prefer a neutral venue for hosting tie now after losing the hosting rights. Though the tie has been shifted from Pakistan yet it will provide another chance to habitual joyriders to have a good time abroad for a couple of weeks. Pakistan sports in general and tennis in particular has suffered a loss due to incompetency, inefficiency and lack of commitment on the part of concerned officials. It is high time now to that such officials should be shown door and instead competent, dedicated and honest officials be brought into run the show, Dar concluded.