LAHORE Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) president Qasim Zia met with former Olympians and discussed ways and means for the improvement of hockey across the country here at the National Hockey Stadium on Monday. The marathon meeting lasted for more than three hours and discussions ere held in cordial atmosphere. According to the PHF spokesman, a lot of suggestions were discussed. The PHF earlier had invited 44 former Olympians out of which 35 attended the meeting. Those who could not attend the meeting for their personal reasons will be invited again in the next meeting. PHF management will announce the date later, the spokesman added. He said that during the meeting, it was agreed that such types of meetings should be held frequently on quarterly basis. All of them praised the efforts of the PHF to improve the standard of hockey at grass-root level across the country. President PHF Qasim Zia thanked the participants for coming and sparing their valuable time to attend the meeting. He also said that holding of meetings on quarterly basis, the suggestion will be laid before the next executive board for consideration. The point of agreement, however, was to call another meeting after the Mens Champions Trophy in order to form a competitive strategy after looking at the teams show in Champions Trophy. The Olympians vowed to watch Champions Trophy to chalk out a viable action plan for the Olympics 2012, he asserted. Tauqir Dar suggested that all the experienced coaches across the country along with national team coach should be brought together in the next meeting to finalize what style of hockey either defensive or offensive the team should adopt and then be stick to that style.