ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court Registrar Office on Monday cleared PML-N President Nawaz Sharif and other leaders petitions on the 'memo controversy for hearing. In his petition, Nawaz has requested the apex court to summon all the respondents in person including President Asif Ali Zardari, General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani, Chief of Army Staff, and Lt-General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, Director General Inter Services Intelligence, the Federation though Secretary Interior, Secretary Foreign Affairs, former Ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani, Mansur Ijaz, for explaining the detestable, despicable and the treacherous memorandum. Analysts say its the first time that a petition, which contains the names of President and Chief of Army Staff as respondents has been cleared by the SC Registrar office. Its a practice that the petitions wherein President or Chief of Army Staff made respondents are usually not entertained and returned with objections. Besides, Nawaz Sharif there are six other petitioners including Tariq Asad Advocate, Khawaja Asif and Senator Ishaq Dar, Syed Ghous Ali, Mehtab Abbasi, Major-General (retd) Abdul Qadir and Hafeezullah from Gilgit Baltistan. Tariq Asads petition has been allotted number 78/2011, Nawaz Sharif 79/2011 and Khawaja Asif and Senator Ishaq Dar petition has been given 80/2011. Nawaz has filed the petition under article 184(3) of the Constitution, seeking an inquiry into the memogate scandal. The PML-N chief has prayed that the culprits, who are disloyal to the state as well as people of Pakistan, must be brought to book. He also requested the court to unearth the dreadful conspiracy, which ridiculed, maligned, demoralized and terrorized to destroy the invaluable and valiant Armed Forces of Pakistan to trade away the sovereignty of the country and to barter away the existence and future of Pakistan. The petition further pleaded that the person responsible or involved in initiating the process of memorandum or authoring it or providing any assistance in the process and the one who approved the act must be identified. The act in question of the ones, who initiated the memorandum, the ones who rendered any help or assistance in the matter and those who blessed or approved of it are culpable for acts of high treason against the state and constitution, it added. The PML-N chief contended in his petition that the memorandum is mutinous, treasonous, shocking, repulsive and harrowing for any patriotic Pakistani. He said in the petition that an article of Mansur Ijaz was published in Financial Times more than forty days ago but not a single defamation notice was served to the newspaper and others for publishing the story and nor even a protest was lodged by the government of Pakistan. Neither Hussain Haqqani nor the President Asif Ali Zardari officially lodged protest against the claim of Mansur Ijaz whose claim speaks volumes of the veracity, he added. He contended that the memorandum threatened the foundation and future of Pakistan by trading away its sovereignty for petty personal gains. He said despite his demand no steps have been taken by the competent authority to set up any independent Committee or commission to look into the matter.