LAHORE Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that unless Pakistan stands on its feet and gives up dependence on others, its sovereignty will remain under threat. The CM said that Pakistan is passing through the most critical phase of its history wherein national unity and solidarity was a dire need. He said that every Pakistani was shocked and grieved at the martyrdom of Army Jawans in NATO air-attack and was rightly asking why geographical boundaries and national sovereignty of the country was being violated repeatedly despite the fact it was a nuclear power. He said unless Pakistan decides to stand on its own feet and renounces the charity by aghyaar, its sovereignty will remain in jeopardy in that manner. He said that we will have to foil the conspiracies against the motherland with unity and the Ulema and Mashaikh have to play their key role in this regard. The CM said this while addressing a meeting of Ittehad Bainul Muslimeen Committee held in connection with Muharram-ul-Haram, at Chief Ministers Secretariat, here Monday. Senior Advisor Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa, Provincial Minister for Auqaf Haji Ehsaanuddin Qureshi, MPAs and senior officers were also present. The CM said that Ittehad Bainul Muslimeen Committee has always played a commendable role in the maintenance of sectarian harmony and law and order and due to its efforts, sectarian hatred has considerably been decreased in the province. He said that due to cooperation of Ulema and administrative measures of the government, law and order situation throughout Punjab during the last Muharram-ul-Haram remained exemplary and no untoward incident took place. He said that besides Ittehad Bain-ul-Muslimeen Committee, Punjab government has also constituted committees at district, tehsil, village and union council level. He said that the meeting of that day was being held at such a time when the entire Muslim world including Pakistan was passing through the most critical phase of its history. He said the motherland was facing an 'explosive situation and it was very unfortunate that on the one side, the nation is stood shocked over the Nato attack and on the other side, own persons were involved in hatching conspiracy against Pakistan in the form of memo scandal which was aimed at nothing but to disserve the national interests and to give the nuclear capability to Aghyaar. He said the PMKL(N) leadership had filed a petition in the Supreme Court and believed that the Court would certainly expose all 'unholy characters involved in that conspiracy. He said that the instant meeting had been held to seek invaluable proposals of Ulema, to benefit from their consultation and to review the measures taken by the government in connection with Muharram-ul-Haram. He said the sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) and the sanctity of Muharram-ul-Haram demand that the Muslims should virtually pay homage to Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) by maintaining unity in their ranks. He urged the Ulema to play their effective role for promoting sentiments of tolerance and brotherhood and maintaining peaceful atmosphere in the society and spread Islamic teachings like economic equality, justice, tolerance and just distribution of resources in their sermons. Members of Ittehad Bainul Muslimeen Committee expressing their views on that occasion said that the Ulema and Mashaikh would not hesitate even to shed the last drop of their blood in safeguarding the country and foil the nefarious designs of such forces as are weakening the country through power of unity.