LAHORE: Media, by providing space to all shades of opinions, can create an inclusive society on the path of development, progress and prosperity promoting the concept of equal citizenship as guaranteed in the constitution.

This was the crux of a two-day media training concluded here the other day on ‘Curricula for Compassion’, organised by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI).

The trainers called upon media professionals to look at textbooks and do some investigative stories about the discriminatory and hate material in them. In this way, media can contribute stories to promote different perspectives for tolerance and interfaith harmony among all citizens.

The reporters, especially on education beat, should themselves look into the textbooks being taught at schools to investigate if any discriminatory material exists, and should report it so that the Ministry of Education and the Punjab Curriculum and Textbooks Board may redress the same.

“Media’s role in promoting inclusiveness would help the nation identify common patriotic pride of diverse citizens and celebrate their capabilities, knowledge and skills. This way Pakistan can move on the path of sustainable development on the principles of peace, freedom, harmony and equality,” said a trainer. 

He said that senior editors at the media outlets should assign reporters to write about the daily positive lives of all Pakistanis regardless of faith or ethnicity. The role of minorities in development of the country should be highlighted.–PR