LAHORE -  The ordeal of the PML-N government on Khatme Nabuwat issue appears to be far from over as the fear of losing popularity ahead of general elections has made a number of ruling party lawmakers adopt a rebellious line.

Names of 20 parliamentarians of the party are in the media reports in this regard, while 14 of them have handed over their resignations to Pir Hameeduddin Sialvi – a religious figure and a veteran Leaguer from Jhang.

The constitutional amendment on Khatme Nabuwat has already been reversed and Federal Law Minister Zahid Hamid resigned, surrendering to the pressure built by 20-day long sit-in of Tehrike Labiake Ya Rasool Allah.

But these party parliamentarians are annoyed with the party for the delayed response and not doing enough to redress the grievances on the issue of the finality of phrophethood of Muhammad [SAW].

Among them are four MNAs, including Raza Hayat Heraj and Dr Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti. Punjab MPAs Ch Hamid Hameed, Rana Ghaus Khan, Abdul Razzaq Dhillon and Nisar Jutt are also among the annoyed group. The rest of them are keeping their names secret.

Sialvi-led group is building pressure for the resignation of Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, whose quitting is also the principal demand of a faction of TYLR being led by Dr Asif Ashraf Jalali that is continuing its sit-in in Lahore.

The government however claimed yesterday that the situation has been neutralised after meeting of Punjab Minister Zaeem Hussain Qadri with Pir Sahib the same day.

Qadri belied that parliamentarians had tendered their resignations and said that those members went to the house of Nizamuddin Sialvi only to convince him take back his resignation. But it’s not all that meets the eye.

Nisar Jutt said that 14 parliamentarians have handed over their resignation to Pir Sahib, empowering him to take any decision on their political future.

Party sources said Qadri was sent by Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to meet the Pir so as to defuse the growing strain within the party.

Pir Sahib has reportedly presented his point of view to Zaeem Qadri and gave the government time to meet their demands.

MPA Pir Nazimuddin Sialvi said they want resignation of Sanaullah and government has been given until December 3 for it. He said they don’t have any political motives.

Raza Hayat Heraj, who has been in the media reports for intending to join the PTI, said it is clear that the amendment was made and the responsibility needs to be fixed not against one but all those involved, in light of the Raja Zafarul Haq report.

Rigours are also coming to the ruling party from another side which also stays in line with the TLYR point of view on the whole issue.

Another disgruntled PML-N MPA, Ilyas Chinioti told this scribe that it was unanimously passed resolution of Majlis Amal that Rana Sanaullah should resign.

He said Qadiaynis hold very bad opinion about the Muslims which was evident from their books and Rana Sana must know that.

He said they also stick to their demand of resignation of two other PML-N leaders, Federal Minister Anusha Rahman and Pervez Rashid, for their role in the controversial amendment.

Chinioti replied in negative when asked if he had any contact with Pir Sialvi on the issue. However, he said, the parliamentarians wanted identification of and punishment to all those who had a hand in the amendment.