KHANEWAL         -            A congregation in connection with Miladul Nabi (SWA) was held at Govt Girls Degree College Katcha Khu Khanewal under the chair of Principal Professor Humaira Naeem. The celebration of Eid Miladul Nabi was presided over by Miss Naila Sattar while the chief guest was The Educator Principal Miss Anwar Fatima. Teachers and students participated in the ceremony and expressed their love for the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) through their speeches about the Holy Qur’an, Naat Rasool Maqbool and highlighting Siratun Nabi.   In recitation of Quran, Samarin Rahmat of first year, Maryum Sattar of first year was in position holders. In Naat Khawani, Kiran Riaz, Ramsha Kanwal, Amana and Atiki won the positions.  In the speech competition, Saadia Batol Year II, Sanam Muqadas Year II and Iman Nasir Year II won the positions.