Okara          -          Former provincial minister and PTI leader Ashraf Khan Sohna had lauded the services of Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa for the country.  Talking to local journalists, he said the nation offers salute to the defense capabilities of Gen Bajwa . His efforts for the country had breathed a spirit of valiance to stand to take offensive and aggressive measures against the national enemies. His efforts to bury under soil and push the terrorism out of country’s borders are praiseworthy, he said. “The US failed in Afghanistan and was forced to quit Afghanistan. The Pak Army under Gen Bajwa had utilised all modern techniques and cleared the soil of terrorism. Gen Bajwa struggled for the solidarity and strength of Pakistan; on the other side, he provided help against any natural catastrophe in the country,” he said. An unknown old man was crushed to death under train while crossing railway track. Near Karmanwala Shrif this morning an unknown old man was crossing over the railway track when the Allama Iqbal Express destined from Lahore to Karachi hit and ran over him. The man died on the spot. The police had been struggling to dig out the identity  of the dead man.