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A bailiff constituted by the District and Sessions court raided a brick-kiln near Jhabran Mandi, some 25-km away from here and got released 13 labourers including women and children from the confinement of the owner here on Tuesday.

As per details, the court taking up a petition filed by the detained persons relatives, ordered to the Saddr Police to take action against one Zulfiqar, owner of the brick-kiln and his henchmen. The couort directed the police to produce the detained persons in the court.

The bailiff accompanied by the police raided the spotted place and recovered the detained persons including three women, two young girls and three children. They were found head and foot with rope and were kept in miserable condition. The victim family head Shafiq Amjad told that the owner Zulfiqar and his henchmen had confined them for the last several months. He informed that the owner had forced them to prepare bricks for ten hours on a daily basis. He said that the owner would confine them in a big dark room after 5pm and would provide little food to them. Shafiq alleged that the owner and his henchmen also used to rape the women and girls.

However, the kiln owner made good their escape from the site after seeing the bailiff.

INJURED: Twelve passengers travelling in a van sustained injuries, eight them critical when it collided with a roadside tree due to speeding on GT Road near Ravi Rayan factory on Tuesday. The vehicle was on the way to Lahore from Gujranwala. Serious injured were identified as Sajid, Raza abbas, Sajjad, Amina Bibi, Nazir and others.

Five robbed by highwaymen: Impersonating themselves as the activists of a non-profit organisation, two swindlers including a woman stormed into the female ward of District Headquarters Hospital and tried to loot patients here on Tuesday.

They made female woman Khatija Bibi and her attendance sweets and fruit mixed with intoxicating substance. As a result, they fell unconscious. Later, the swindlers removed both the women’s gold ornaments, and tried to flee away. However, another woman witnessing the whole episode made hue and cry. Resultantly, the woman was caught by the staff while her co-accused managed to escape. Later, the woman was handed over to police.

Meanwhile, four passengers of a rickshaw were looted by three highway robbers near Abhianwala in the remits of Sadar Muridke police. Bashir Ahmad and his three other family members riding in a rickshaw were going to participate in a marriage ceremony. The robbers on a bike intercepted them and made off with ornaments, cash and other valuables worth in hundred and thousands.

In another such incident, four highway robbers looted car rider Irshad Ahmad and his family near Sharqpur and deprived them of cash, gold ornaments and other valuables.