LAHORE - TNS Beaconhouse put up its first major theatrical production – Matilda – at the Ali Auditorium from October 24th to 26th. Based on Roald Dahl’s enduring classic, the TNS production drew on the musical that has been a hit in both the West End and on Broadway, and it was certainly a hit in Lahore.

On stage, the performances were consistently good; no one could be considered a weak link from the most minor part to the leads.

Lines were memorized and impeccably delivered, movement was synchronized, and cues were picked effortlessly. Some young actors stood out as exceptional, such as Khakan Khan as Miss Trunchbull, who was the recipient of standing ovations, and Matilda, played by Alizeh Arif and Minaal Ahmed.

Credit must also go to the backstage teams, the director, Shehzad Noor, and to the school faculty and administration for making it all come together seamlessly. And credit must definitely go to the students of TNS – both on-stage and backstage – for playing their respective parts with such aplomb. The curtain call revealed the team’s enjoyment, camaraderie, and most of all, the confidence and ease with which they took on this mammoth task.