SARGODHA (STAFF REPORTER): The teachers and administration staff of the University of Sargodha held a protest demonstration against a notification issued by the Higher Education Department Punjab.

Through the notification, the Punjab governor has held in abeyance the operation on all the actions, notifications and orders, including the approval of the budget 2014-15 and salaries and allowances with immediate effect.

The protesters expressed concerns over the notification and called it the financial murder of the University employees. They demanded that the governor should immediately take back the notification to save the future of 28,000 students and employees.

The gathering was also addressed by Dr Ghulam Yaseen, Dr Muhammad Iqbal Chaudhry, Dr Nazra Sultana, Dr Ilyas Tariq, Dr Muhammad Ali, Dr Zafar Iqbal, Dr Masood Sarwar Awan, Dr Amir Sohail, Dr Alamgeer, Dr Mudssar Shah, Dr Bilal, Ms Toba, Gul Shaer Butt, Muhammad Asif and Dr Nargis Abbas.