karachi - Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) President Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra has said that KCCI has received numerous complaints about the online facility for filing income tax returns of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). Many taxpayers kept accessing FBR’s IRIS portal on Tuesday but were unable to file their tax returns due to some technical issues in the portal, he added. In a statement issued, President KCCI said that the poor performance of FBR’s IRIS system has triggered anxiety amongst taxpayers who fear that they may not be able to succeed in filing income tax returns as the last date was filing returns was nearing fast.

Iftikhar Vohra urged FBR to extend the last date for filing of Income Tax Returns and Wealth Statements to December 31, 2014 as the taxpayers are facing immense hardships and are unable to timely submit their Returns through the faulty IRIS system.