ISLAMABAD- Prosecutor Akram Sheikh has said before Special Court (SC) hearing former president Pervez Musharraf constitution subversion case that former president had taken November 3, step in the capacity of president and not as army chief . A three member bench of SC presided over by Justice Faisal Arab took up the case for hearing today.

He further argued that former Prime Minister (PM) Shaukat Aziz had written letter to president and not army chief . The defence counsel had asked for collective trial of 600 persons while the accused is not entitled to ask for conducting trial of all the accused persons.

Prosecutor Akram Sheikh gave arguments on the application filed by Pervez Musharraf seeking inclusion of other persons in the matter of imposition of emergency. He said prosecution has produced all evidence and witnesses in the court. The court is not entitled to make co-accused as party at present therefore, the request for making other persons as co-accused be rejected. Complying wrong orders does not fall in the ambit of treason. The court cannot undo the case after recording evidence. Counsels for Pervez Musharraf have accepted all these things in SC earlier that Pervez Musharraf had taken this step as president and not as army chief .

The hearing of the case was adjourned till today.