ISLAMABAD - Pakistan No 1 squash player Nasir Iqbal promised to bounce back in the upcoming back-to-back PSA events in style.

In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Nasir said: “I am very concerned about my recent performances, as series of injuries were the main reason behind my inconsistent performances in the last two events held in Pakistan.”

“I am now fully concentrating on my physical and mental fitness under the watchful eyes of my coach/brother Tahir Iqbal and training very hard at Hashim Khan Squash Complex. I am quite sure soon I will be able to back in shape and start to produce more than desired results. I have set my sights on top 20 finish before the end of the year, but due to certain reasons, I may not be able to achieve this task. But I will be among top 30 or even better by the start of the new year,” he added.

“I didn’t achieve the goals, I had set for myself. Maximum PSA events will provide me chance to prove my credentials. I would love to travel to UK as I heard about Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) has decided to base me and Farhan Zaman in UK under the watchful eyes of former world number 2 and British Open runner-up M Yasin,” he said.

When asked about whether it will help him and Farhan during their stay in UK, Nasir replied: “Off course, we will get a number of benefits from staying in UK, First off all, we will be able to play alongside much better players, secondly, we will participate in different leagues and thirdly, it will help us provided much-needed boost in improving our PSA rankings. Without taking giant strides in world rankings, we can't even think about playing and giving desired results against the top players. Although Pakistani players not less than any top player of the world yet the only difference between them and us is the lack of exposure, as they use to play a number of PSA events on regular basis, while we hardly manage to play a few PSA events round the year.”

“I am looking forward firstly to feature in $25,000 Nigerian Championship, then the World Open in Qatar and then again $25,000 event in Dubai. Interestingly, all these events will be held in November. If I perform well in all these events, I will be able to teach book berth in top 30,” Nasir concluded.