ISLAMABAD- US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Daniel Feldman says his country looks forward to further expanding trade and economic relations with Pakistan.

In an interview, he said we are moving from aid-based relationship to the one based on trade and investment. Feldman said hydro power projects, like Diamer Bhasha Dam, are among the smartest choices for Pakistan to meet its energy needs. He said the United States is helping Pakistan in introducing Diamer-Bhasha Dam to private sector and multilateral donors. He said the United States has helped Pakistan to add fourteen hundred megawatt to the system. Asked about Chinese investment in Pakistan, the envoy said his country recognizes the warmth and historic relations between Pakistan and China and welcomes Chinese investment in Pakistan.

About Pakistan-Afghanistan relations, Daniel Feldman said Washington supports stability in the region and hopes that the new government in Afghanistan would resolve security and other issues with Pakistan through dialogue.