The District Police have finalised comprehensive security arrangements for the processions and religious gatherings during Muharram and a total of 1,579 police personnel will be deputed to guard various gatherings across the district.

According to DPO Kamran Yousaf Malik, 427 majalis and Asuhra processions are scheduled to be organised in the Nankana, Sayedwala,Warbaraten, Mor Khonda, Buchey Key, Faizabad, Barager, Sangla Hill and Shahkot during the sacred month.

He said that 1,579 personnel would guard 427 majalis and mourning processions in which 63 were of A-category, 68 of B and 297 of C Category.

The DPO directed to his subordinates to ensure patrolling in their respective areas and pay surprise visits to pickets set up within their territorial jurisdiction during Muharram.

He said that the police would block all entry points on the routes of Ashura processions and mourners would be allowed to join processions right from the beginning under the observation of police and event organisers and after complete body frisking. Bystanders would not be allowed to remain anywhere on routes of processions or on the rooftops of nearby buildings while snipers would take positions on different buildings in order to counter any terrorist activity. Pakistan Army and Rangers would also remain standby, he added.

Meanwhile, it was also decided to cancel all kinds of leaves of operational and security officials. To prevent terrorist activity in police uniform, it was also decided to issue security passes to all of the security personnel.

Preventive measures like installation and use of CCTV cameras, barbed wire, walkthrough gates, jammers and metal detectors at all the entry and exit points of the towns and cities and also at entry and exit points of Ashura processions were also finalised.